Development Applications & Guides

Most Requested Applications & Guides

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU & JrADU):
 - Accessory Dwelling Unit Application Packet (PDF)

Administrative Design Review (ADR):
- Administrative Design Review Application Packet (PDF)
- Administrative Design Review Guide (PDF)

Citywide Design Guidelines
- City Council Adopted Design Guidelines (PDF)
- Design Guidelines FAQ (PDF)

Design Review Board (DRB):
- Citizens' Participation Program Application Packet (PDF)
- Design Review Board Application Packet (PDF)
- Design Review Board Guide (PDF)

May also be required:
- Coastal Development Permit (PDF)
- Floodplain Development Permit (PDF)
- Land Conservation Permit (PDF)

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO):
- Water Efficient Landscapes Guide (PDF)

Determination of Substantial Conformance (DSC):
- Determination of Substantial Conformance Application Packet (PDF)
- Determination of Substantial Conformance Guide (PDF)

Encroachment Permit (EP):
- Encroachment Permit Application (PDF)
- Encroachment Permit Guide (PDF)

Administrative Sign Review (ASR):
- Administrative Sign Review Application Packet (PDF)
- Administrative Sign Review Guide (PDF)
- Signage Calculation How-to Guide (PDF)

Individual Applications & Forms

In addition to any of the individual applications below, please fill out a Uniform Development Application, which can be filled out at the link below, and attach it to your application.

Uniform Development Application (PDF) (Required for all of the following applications)

- Banner Application (PDF)
- Bingo Permit Application (PDF)
- Boundary Adjustment Application (PDF)
- Certificate of Compliance Application (PDF)
- Checklist for EV Charging Station Building Permit (PDF)
- Coastal Development Permit (PDF)
- Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
- Demo Permit Application (PDF)
- Environmental Assessment Application (PDF)
- Floodplain Development Permit (PDF)
- Final and Parcel Map Application (PDF)
- In-Lieu Parking Program Application (PDF)
- Land Conservation Permit (PDF)
- Letter of Authorization (PDF)
- Mobile Vending Application (PDF)
- Mutual Agreement Form - Walls and Fences (PDF)
- Newsrack Application (PDF)
- Notice of Intent Application (PDF)
- Rezone Permit Application (PDF)
- Shoreline Protection Permit Guide (PDF)
- Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application (PDF)
- Street Vacation Application (PDF)
- Tentative Parcel Map Application (PDF)
- Tree Removal Permit Application (PDF)
- Trees, Scenic Views, and Sunlight Application (PDF)
- Variance Application (PDF)

Resident Guides

- Resident Handbook: Understanding the Design Review Process (PDF)
- Good Neighbor Guide to Design Review in Del Mar (PDF)
- Resident Guide to the Del Mar Tree Ordinance (PDF)

Development Guides and Checklists

- Accessory Dwelling Unit Checklist/Verification Form (PDF)
- Administrative Design Review Checklist (PDF)
- Administrative Design Review Guide (PDF)
- Admin Sign Review Guide (PDF)
- Beach Preservation Initiative (BPI) Guidelines (PDF)
- Bingo Permit Guide (PDF)
- Boundary Adjustment Guide (PDF)
- Building Valuation Guide (PDF)
- Certificate of Compliance Guide (PDF)
- Citizen's Participation Program (CPP) Handout (PDF)
- Conditional Use Permit Guide (PDF)
- Determination of Substantial Conformance Guide (PDF)
- Design Review Board Checklist (PDF)
- Design Review Board Guide (PDF)
- Fats, Oils and Grease Procedures (FOG) (PDF)
- Final and Parcel Map Guide (PDF)
- Grading Applicants Guide (PDF)
- Mobile Vending Guide (PDF)
- Pollution Prevention Guide (PDF)
- Priority Development Project SWMP (PDF)
- Project Processing Guide (PDF)
- Project Priority Form (PDF)
- Protected Tree Ordinance Guide (PDF)
- Sidewalk Cafe Permit Guide (PDF)
- Sustainability Checklist (PDF)
- Standard Project SWMP (PDF)
- Story Poles Guide (PDF)
- Temporary Use Permit Checklist (PDF)
- Tentative Map / Tentative Parcel Map Guide (PDF)
- Tree Removal Permit Guide (PDF)
- Trees, Scenic View, and Sunlight Guide (PDF)
- Variance Guide (PDF)
- Water Efficient Landscapes Guide (PDF)

Informational Documents

- City of Del Mar Benchmarks (PDF)
- Construction Phase Impacts Plan (Example) (PDF)
- Citizen's Participation Program (CPP) Handout (PDF)
- Grading and Drainage Plan (BMP Details) (PDF)
- Measuring Building Height (PDF)
- Parking Layout for Parking Space Design (PDF)
- Plan Copy Release Form (PDF)
- Project Processing Flowchart (PDF)
- Requirements for Digital Submittals (PDF)
- Standard Title Sheets (Drainage, Grading, and Public Improvement Plans)
- Storm Water BMP Design Manual Appendices & Forms (PDF)
- Water Quality Sensitive Areas Map (PDF)

Fee Schedules

Engineering Services (PDF)

Planning Services (PDF)

Explanation of Fees and Charges (PDF)