Utility Billing

City utility services include water, wastewater and clean water.

Trash/Recycling/Green Waste and Billing are provided by EDCO Disposal. Please contact EDCO to establish or cancel trash service at:  https://del-mar.edcodisposal.com  or (619) 287-7555.


Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payments online, in person, or by phone.

  • Pay Online Opens in new windowPay online - one time or automatically.**
    The City of Del Mar has partnered with Paymentus to offer a secure and no cost method to pay your utility bill online. Please have your 8 digit account number handy.
    For assistance, please call Paymentus Customer Service at 800-420-1663 or refer to the Quick Pay Guide (PDF) or Auto Pay Guide (PDF) for step by step instructions.
  • Pay by phone 1-855-385-9410 using the automated phone payment system. Please have your 8 digit account number handy.
  • By Mail - payments may be mailed to: City of Del Mar, Finance Department, 1050 Camino del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014.
  • Drop Off - inside the Finance Department lobby during office hours.

**Automatic Bill Payment

We offer two automatic payment plan options, Automatic Debit and Automatic Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). With Automatic Bill Payment, your recurring utility bills will be paid automatically. This is a free service that eliminates the need for you to write out a check each time a bill is due and saves the cost of postage for mailing your check to the city. Your payment is always made on time, so there are no worries about late payments or late fees, even when you are on vacation.

In order to participate in this program, please register for an online account and schedule your payments. Please have your 8 digit account number handy. Please refer to Auto Pay guide (PDF) for step by step instructions.

Establish or Discontinue Service

Establishing Service

  • To determine whether property is located within the Del Mar city limits, please view the City Limits Map.
  • To start service, submit a Utility Service Application (PDF)
    to the Finance Department by fax (858-755-2794) or in person.
  • Requests made during business hours are typically activated within 24 hours.
  • Contact EDCO to Establish Trash Service at:   https://del-mar.edcodisposal.com  or (619) 287-7555.

Discontinuing Service

  • By accepting service, one is subject to all rules and regulations of the city, and is responsible for all charges incurred on the bi-monthly bill until the city is notified to discontinue service.
  • Charges will accrue until the city is contacted to discontinue service. The city requires at least 24 hours notice to discontinue service.
  • To Cancel Service, please complete a Utility Service Cancellation Request or contact the Finance Department by calling (858) 755-9354.
  • Contact EDCO to Cancel Trash Service at:   https://del-mar.edcodisposal.com  or (619) 287-7555.

Billing Practices

The City of Del Mar bills its utility customers on a bi-monthly basis (every two months) and each account is billed for a two-month period of service. If you begin service in the middle of a billing period, all charges are prorated.

All new customers must submit a completed application (PDF). A deposit, based on meter size, will be billed to the account on the first billing statement. The deposit will be refunded after 12 consecutive bills (two years) with a good payment record. Any balance remaining is returned when an account is closed.

Charges paid after the due date are subject to a ten percent late fee. Payments must be received on or before the past due date noted on the face of the bill. (Postmarks are not sufficient.) Services terminated due to non-payment will be subject to additional charges. Charges will continue to accrue until you notify the city to discontinue service.