How do I determine the exact location of my property line?

Generally, in the City of Del Mar, the curb or edge of the street does not correspond to the adjacent private property boundary line. In most cases, the public streets in Del Mar were not constructed as wide as their dedicated rights-of-way. This means that there is usually some amount of public land between the edge of the street paving and the adjacent private property. Unfortunately, the City does not have a precise map that depicts the edge of the public rights-of-way around town, therefore only approximate locations can be given. The only way to be certain of your property’s boundary lines is to hire a licensed surveyor to perform a boundary survey. 

The City can research its GIS system and files for information that may have been submitted as part of a past development application, such as an old survey or site plan. We can also check to see if there have been any public improvement plans developed for the right-of-way in the immediate vicinity of your property. With this type of information, we can possibly help you locate the approximate location of your property line, but again, only a surveyor can tell you for sure where it is.

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