Undergrounding Project (UP)

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The Council’s Vision 2020 plan, which involved extensive surveys of the community,  identified the undergrounding of utilities as a top priority for the City.  The City’s goal is to convert all overhead utility lines in Del Mar to underground service as part of the Undergrounding Project (UP).  

  • In June 2016 a study was also completed by Utility Specialists Southwest, Inc. identifying the estimated cost to underground all remaining utility poles within the City of Del Mar. Here is a link to the report.
  • In November 2016, Del Mar voters approved an additional one-cent general sales tax, referred to as Measure Q. It has been widely discussed that one of the projects that should be funded using revenue from the additional sales tax revenue is community-wide undergrounding of utility poles. 
  • In April 2017, collection of the additional sales tax began and is estimated to generate approximately $2 million annually.
  • In December 2017, the City Council formed the Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee (UPAC) to ensure UP moves forward in a timely manner and that the goals of the project are achieved. The Committee is one component of the Utility Undergrounding Project Team (Team) that includes City staff, neighborhood representatives, City Council liaisons, utility companies, and utility consultants. Here is a link to the staff report establishing the UPAC, which includes the committee charter.
  • In March 2018, nine members were appointed to serve on UPAC. Here is a link to the web page for the UPAC, which includes committee member names, links to meeting agendas, and the option to subscribe to automatically receive a notification of the posted meeting agenda via email. The UPAC has divided into three subcommittees working on scheduling, project financing, and communications.  
  • In October 2018, the City Council approved the award of the consulting services agreement to Lee & Ro, Inc. to join the Project Team and lead the undergrounding effort.  The City Council also adopted a number of policy recommendations made by UPAC as noted. Click on the links under Reference Information below for the Staff Reports.
  • November 2018 Update - The City, its consultant, and the UPAC, collectively referred to as the project team, are making good progress on this exciting project. The City’s consultant, Lee & Ro, has been busy gathering information about, researching, and mapping the existing overhead utility pole infrastructure, laying out the city-wide project work plan, and meeting with utility representatives and citizens of Del Mar. We are looking forward to receiving the initial draft of a master plan in January 2019 for UPAC and the City Council to review. The project team is also working on estimating and budgeting for future projects, timing of design and construction work, neighborhood priorities, historical project related issues such as projects already in design phase, compensation, and all other issues related to such a complex community project. The project team will keep the community updated as the project continues.

For more information about UP, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Visit the UPAC meetings which are held on the second Thursday of each month at the City Hall.
  • Sign up to receive any email or text message updates from the City at this website link: https://www.delmar.ca.us/list.aspx. Once you are either signed in or signed up for the first time, scroll down the page to UP and click the email or telephone icon. You will be then signed up for any information that is released by the City about UP.
  • Send an email to: up@delmar.ca.us for questions or comments.

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