Undergrounding ProGRAM Overview

Utility poles in view

What is Up Goes Down

Utility poleThe City of Del Mar is in the midst of a Citywide Undergrounding Program (UP). The UP is designed to remove utility poles and replace overhead cables for electricity and telecommunications with underground lines. In 2016, Del Mar voters identified the UP as a priority with their approval of Measure Q, a one-cent sales tax measure that is funding the UP. The City is committed to advance the UP as quickly as possible.

Benefits to Del Mar include:

  • Improved views by removing the visual clutter of utility poles and overhead lines; 
  • The reduction of fire hazards and other safety risks caused by downed lines; and
  • Increasing reliability of utility systems.

Project Implementation

The multi-year UP parcels the Del Mar into eight districts. To date, the City Council has authorized four of them, with each in various phases of completion: 

  • In January 2023, construction of the Tewa Court/10th Street District was completed;
  • District 1A (Stratford Court South) and District X1A (Crest Canyon) are in the design phase; and
  • District 1B (Stratford Court North) is in the preliminary design phase. 

For the most up-to-date information on individual projects, visit the Project Updates webpage.

Project Updates webpage

Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee

The nine-member Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee meets quarterly at the Del Mar Civic Center Town Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar. The committee includes subcommittees for scheduling, financing and communications.

Visit the UPAC webpage

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Public Outreach

At every stage of the UP, the City of Del Mar is committed to keeping residents well-informed. Residents are encouraged to subscribe for email notifications and visit the Project Updates webpage for the latest information.

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Project Updates webpage

District Maps and Tools

Undergrounding Process

Email: UP@delmar.ca.us

Staff contact: Martin Boyd, 858-755-9313.

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Updated July 5, 2023