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Key Council Reports

Undergrounding of all utility poles Citywide is an identified City Council priority. In spring of 2018, the City Council established the Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee (UPAC) which has worked diligently with staff to address numerous policy questions related to this program, to develop a communications plan, to explore several project financing scenarios, and to develop prioritization criteria and a recommended approach for moving forward.

This page compiles the key staff reports to the City Council which captures the approved approach for moving forward to the extent identified. It is envisioned that these documents will serve as a roadmap for ongoing future implementation of the Undergrounding Project by way of establishing the Utility Undergrounding Districts (UUDs) and prioritized order for moving forward with the completion based upon the ranking. For example, these reports identify prioritization process, assumptions related future project cost estimates, policy questions such as payment for work on private service laterals, and reimbursement to property owners for past undergrounding assessment districts.