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February 2023

At their February meeting, the Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee (UPAC) reconvened and was presented with an update of the undergrounding program. Furthermore, UPAC established a subcommittee to evaluate whether to construct the Stratford Court South (Area 1A) and Crest Canyon (Area X1A) undergrounding projects concurrently or sequentially.  Sequentially would mean 1A could start ahead of X1A, whereas concurrently would have the City hold 1A until X1A is ready to go out to bid.  Construction is scheduled to start February 2024 and/or April 2024, depending on whether the projects are done sequentially or concurrently.

Within the 1A and X1A District areas, SDG&E has identified three work areas, which they are referring to as Phase 1, 2, & 3.  For District 1A, Phase 1 includes 4th to 6th St, Phase 2 includes 6th to 9th St, and Phase 3 includes 9th to 12th St. For District X1A, Phase 1 includes San Dieguito Dr to Oribia Rd, Phase 2 includes Ave Primavera to Crest Rd/Via Alta, and Phase 3 includes Crest Rd/Via Alta to Crest Way. At this time, SDG&E has completed the preliminary designs for Phase 1 of both Districts.  The City’s civil engineering consultant is almost done with the lateral and easement exhibits for the Phase 1 areas, and will soon be transmitting these so that meetings with property owners can begin.  The civil design work is also proceeding for the Phase 1 areas. 

SDG&E Phase 2 and 3 preliminary designs for Districts 1A and X1A are expected to be complete by the end of March, at which time the City’s consultant will proceed with the lateral and easement exhibits and civil design for those areas. Civil design is scheduled for completion in October 2023 for 1A and December 2023 for X1A. The preliminary environmental determination for 1A is ready, and the preliminary environmental determination for X1A is scheduled for completion in August 2023.  

On February 8, 2023, the City celebrated completion of the Tewa Court/10th Street District by holding a Pole Removal Ceremony.

On February 6, 2023, City Council approved expanding the membership of the undergrounding project advisory committee from five voting members to seven voting members and amending the concurrent membership requirements.  

Open staff report

January 2023

The City Council approves amending and restating the charter of the City of Del Mar Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee (UPAC), and directs staff to take related administrative actions including scheduling 2023 UPAC meetings; recruiting to fill committee vacancies; and extending existing committee members’ terms.

September 2021

The project team hosts virtual meetings for residents living within Stratford Court South (Area 1A) and Crest Canyon (X1A).

Crest Canyon Meeting, Sept. 15, 2021
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Stratford Court South Meeting, Sept. 13, 2021
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July 2021

The City Council approves plans to form utility undergrounding districts along south Stratford Court and Crest Canyon. The action initiates up to two years’ worth of design work.

Utility Undergrounding District 1A (Stratford Court South) envisions removing 7,650 lineal feet of overhead  cables serving 214 homes and buildings on Stratford Court between 4th and 12th streets.  

Utility Undergrounding District X1A (Crest Canyon) calls for removing 11,200 lineal feet of overhead cables serving 114 structures in residential areas along portions of Crest Road and San Dieguito Drive.

Open Undergrounding District 1A staff report

Open Undergrounding District X1A staff report

May 2021

The City Council reinitiates the Utility Undergrounding Project by taking action to form the Tewa Court/10th Street Utility Undergrounding District. Construction in that district is expected to begin during the first quarter of 2022. 

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