Citizens' Participation Program (CPP)


The Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) is an outreach process intended to foster early and open communication between neighbors about a new project and its surrounding community. While the CPP process is not intended to produce complete consensus on all applications, the process provides opportunities for potential applicants and their agents to understand and respond to neighborhood concerns about a project’s design prior to formal submittal of an application for review by the City of Del Mar. The intended result is improved awareness of proposed changes in the built environment and projects that better integrate into their surroundings by complementing the existing community character.

The application packet (PDF) is available for download.

Projects that require completion of a CPP include the following:

  • Any new detached structure that would contain more than 500 square feet of "bulk" floor area.
  • Any addition of a second-story element to a one-story structure.
  • Any project that, in the determination of the Planning Director, working in consultation with the Chairperson of the Design Review Board, holds the potential to cause adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhood and therefore, warrants the implementation of a Citizens’ Participation Program.

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