New Development & Construction Information

Construction Information

Construction noise hours are limited to the following days and times:

Construction work includes all set-up, deliveries, and clean-up activities. As an exception to these rules, homeowners may individually perform work on their own homes on Sundays and holidays.

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling

Projects subject to the CalGreen Building Code are required to divert 65% of construction related waste. For more information, click here.

Options for Temporary Bins

For information on options for temporary bins, click here.

Code Violations

Regulations are strictly enforced. In cases of violations, administrative citations may be issued to the individual violating the code, along with the general contractor for the project and the property owner. Additionally, no individual or company shall perform any excavation or trenching in a city right of way on days when the City of Del Mar offices are closed. Also included are all Saturdays and Sundays.

Construction Related Documents

Please visit the development applications and guides resource for additional information.

Fee Schedules

Please read the notice regarding changes to fee schedules (PDF):