Administrative Services


The Administrative Services Department:

  • Maintains the public’s records
  • Administers the records retention program
  • Posts the City Council agendas
  • Prepares the minutes of City Council meetings
  • Distributes the City Council meeting packets
  • Updates and maintains the Del Mar Municipal Code and the supporting City Ordinances and City Council Resolutions
  • Coordinates the Del Mar Municipal Election
  • Manages the City's information technology
  • Administers human resources policies, procedures, and practices


  • City Clerk: Contact the City Clerk's division via email to request that an issue be addressed before the City Council, to volunteer for a city committee, or to inquire about the procedure for being elected to the City Council. Requests for public records can be submitted via the public records portal.
  • Information Systems: The Information Systems Department supports all aspects of information technology used at the City of Del Mar. We provide the vision, leadership, and skills that enable the City to provide improved customer service to the community. We maintain the City's investment in information technology while providing a leadership role in the acquisition and deployment of new information technologies. As a service group, we help the City to leverage technology to provide efficient and superior service for its residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Human Resources: The Human Resources division of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for administering Human Resources policies, procedures, and practices. We provide vision and leadership to promote an environment that values excellence, diversity, creativity, and productivity at all levels of the organization.

Information is our Business

The Administrative Services Department has an ongoing policy to provide friendly, personalized, and unbiased assistance in accessing information, both current and historical, through well-organized systems. We maintain around-the-clock access to technology tools and create long-term strategies that build confidence with our customers.