Finance Department Responsibilities

The Finance Department handles all of the city’s accounting activities, including payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable and revenue collection. Staff coordinates the budget process and prepares the budget document as well as annual financial reports required by the State and other reports prepared for our residents. The Finance Department also coordinates the annual financial audit and prepares an award-winning Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Additional responsibilities include utility billing and monitoring of utility rates.

Risk Management

The risk management function of the department, through participation in the SANDPIPA Insurance Joint Powers Authority, oversees the insurance requirements of the city, manages the loss-control program, and handles all claims made against the city. Management of the cash of the city through careful investing and monitoring of cash requirements are the primary responsibilities under the treasury function. Integral to the successful operation of the city is the focus of the Department to carefully monitor expenditures and optimize revenues.


The Finance Department is dedicated to the responsible management of the financial resources for the City of Del Mar. Our customers trust in us to provide:

  • Fiscal accountability and integrity
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • Accurate and timely information