Solid Waste Collection Services

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EDCO Waste and Disposal Corp. provides solid waste collection and disposal services for residential and commercial customers in the City of Del Mar. 

EDCO's City of Del Mar Website

What goes where?

blue, gray and green carts

Blue = Recyclables | Gray = Trash | Green = Organics

food waste dumping

To combat climate change, new State laws require Californians to separate food waste from the rest of their trash. Use your green cart to separate food scraps, yard trimmings and other organic materials for collection each week on your scheduled service day. More info on organics recycling

Pickup and Holiday Schedule

service mapThe EDCO website includes service schedules and locator tools. Open Service Schedules webpage

Apartment, Condominium and Townhome Service

bin dumpWaste removal and recycling programs serve apartments, condos and townhomes. Open Apartments & Condos webpage

Commercial Services, Construction and Demolition

Trash truck in downtown del mar Business owners face new requirements for recycling organic materials. Open the Commercial Services webpage

Restaurant Guide to Organics Recycling

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling

Construction & Demolition Containers Brochure

Contractors' Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (PDF)

Edible Food Recovery Organizations & Services