November 2022 Election

Preliminary Election Results

Preliminary election results for the Del Mar City Council  is available on the County of San Diego Registrar of Voters (ROV) election results webpage.  Final election results will be certified by the County ROV by December 8, 2022.   

Candidate Information 

The City Council candidate filing period officially closed August 12, 2022. Below is a list of individuals (in ballot order) who will be running for City Council office in the upcoming November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election:

Campaign Fillings 

Candidate campaign filings are available on the City's Campaign Fillings webpage and are available to view at City Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar, during normal business hours.  

Candidate Forum 

The League of Women Voters held a remote City Council candidate forum on Monday, October 10, 2022. The event was sponsored by the Del Mar Foundation. The Candidate Forum can be viewed on the City's website here.  

Campaign Sign Regulations

Campaign signs are regulated as a type of temporary sign under Del Mar Municipal Code Chapter 30.84 Signs.  Temporary signs, including campaign signs, are signs that are maintained for 60 days or less and are limited in size (as measured on one side of the sign) to a maximum area of 5.5 sign feet for each individual dwelling unit in residential zones and a maximum of 6 square feet for each individual business in commercial zones.  Campaign signs may be placed on private property in residential zones or in the right-of-way adjacent to residential private property in locations that otherwise appear to be within private yards, with permission of the property owner, so long as sign placement does not create a public safety issue.  More information is included in the City's Campaign Sign Information primer.  

Voting Information 

To vote in the November 8, 2022 Election voters can register or check their voter registration status online at  Voter registration cards are also available at Del Mar City Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar, Del Mar CA 92104.

The County of San Diego Registrar of Voters (ROV) will be mailing all registered voters’ ballots about 30 days prior to the election. Voters have the option to vote by mail; drop off their mailed ballot at a secure drop off location; or vote in-person at one of the County’s Vote Centers.  Some Voter Centers will be open for voting up to 11 days, including election day.  

The Del Mar Library and Civic Center have Ballot Drop Boxes available to voter. Voters can check the ROV’s website at for more information regarding voting and to confirm their voter registration status.  

Election Resolutions

Election Timeline 

Date Event 
October 10, 2022- November 8, 2022 at 8pm Mail Ballot Drop Off Locations Open (including the Del Mar Library) 
November 8, 2022 Election Day 
No later than December 8, 2022 ROV to Certify Election Results