Where are dogs allowed on the beach?

Please be advised of revised rules for dogs on the beach during limited beach access. Summer rules are in effect May 4, 2020 until further notice. 

Dog Rules

North Beach (29th Street to Solana Beach border)  
Off-leash dogs permitted from dawn to 8 a.m. (NEW)
Dogs must be leashed, 8 a.m. to dawn

Main Beach (North boundary of Powerhouse Park to 29th Street) 
No dogs allowed 

South Beach (Powerhouse Park to Torrey Pines State Beach boundary, at 6th Street)
Dogs must be leashed
Penalties for leash law violations begin at $285.
In all areas, dogs must wear a license on their collars. Leashes may be no longer than six feet. In off-leash areas, dogs must be under voice control.
Owners must clean up after their pets. 

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1. Where are dogs allowed on the beach?