When are business license renewals due? Are there any penalties?

Business license renewals are mailed out each year on/or about December 1. Business license renewals are due on December 31 of each calendar year. If payment is not received for the business license renewal by January 31, a 20% penalty charge will be applied to your delinquent tax each month of delinquency until payment has been received. For example, for one month delinquency, the penalty is 20%, for two months delinquency, the penalty is 40%.

Update:  The City has partnered with HdL Companies to administer all aspects of business licensing services for the City including processing of business license initial applications and annual renewals, payments, compliance, and general support. Beginning December 19, 2022, all inquiries and communications related to business licensing will be handled by HdL Companies.  Please visit www.delmar.ca.us/business for current information. 

As part of this transition to HdL Companies, the City’s business license annual renewal process will be slightly delayed this year. No business license renewal applications will be accepted prior to December 19, 2022. HdL will mail out business license renewal information to each business shortly after December 19, 2022, which will include an introductory letter from HdL’s Business Support Center with contact information; your business’s unique account number and access PIN; and instructions for processing your business license renewal. All businesses will have until February 28, 2023, to renew without penalty.

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