I received a Notice of Violation, what do I do?

A Notice of Violation (NOV) is issued by City staff when there is a discharge of pollutants directly or indirectly into the storm drain system or when best management practices (BMPs) are not properly implemented, as it pertains to Chapter 11.30 of the Del Mar Municipal Code (Stormwater Management and Discharge Control). In addition, NOVs are issued when repeat offenses are observed, after education has already been provided. Some examples of discharges or improperly implemented BMPs can include (but are not limited to) runoff from power washing, excessive trash surrounding dumpster areas, uncovered trash cans/dumpsters, or irrigation runoff. The Notice of Violation contains information on the violation of the Municipal Code, the discharge observed, and a request to rectify the issue. It is expected the issue is addressed in a timely manner.  If you have any questions about a Notice of Violation your business has received and what to do to address the issue(s), please contact the Clean Water Program at 858-704-3652 or cleanwater@delmar.ca.us. If observed issue(s) are not addressed, further actions may be taken.

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