Do I need to worry about small home improvement projects?

It is illegal to allow any construction materials (such as paint, wood stain, or grout), or wash water from the cleaning of construction materials, to enter a storm drain. It is also illegal to discharge sediment in the streets or storm drains. If you have a small stockpile of sediment or other materials, you must make sure it is covered when not in use (you can secure a tarp over the pile). Keeping the material covered will protect it from rain and wind. You must also vegetate or secure, with appropriate erosion control materials, all bare areas so that they will be protected from erosion.

Too much sediment or dirt in our water bodies chokes aquatic life by creating murky conditions, filling natural drainage areas, and altering the topography of the land. If you see construction materials or sediment coming off the property of any construction sites, immediately notify the City at 858-704-3652 or use the Report Urban Runoff Online Form found on the City's website and an inspector will arrive on site as soon as possible.

To report other environmental concerns and report pollution incidents outside of the City of Del Mar, please contact the regional public hotline at 888-846-0800 (24 hours a day) or visit Project Clean Water for a listing of San Diego County jurisdiction hotline phone numbers. The City of Del Mar Public Works Department may also be contacted during normal business hours at 858-755-3294.

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