Can I drain my swimming pool/spa water?

You are allowed to discharge swimming pools/spas once residual chlorine, algaecide, filter backwash, or other pollutants are removed. To dechlorinate the pool water, you can let it sit (without adding any more chemicals) and test for chlorine or use a commercial dechlorinating chemical (available at pool supply stores) and carefully follow instructions. The discharge of saline swimming pools/spas must be directed to the sanitary sewer, landscaped areas, or other pervious surfaces that can accommodate the volume of water. Prior to discharge of any pool/spa water, the path to the storm drain system should be cleared and flow rates should be non-erosive. It is advised that all residents and pool maintenance companies contact the Public Works Department (858-755-3294) prior to discharging pool or spa water to review the most appropriate method based on the location and conditions.

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