Can I wash my car at home?

It is still permitted to wash your personal vehicle at home. However, the best alternative is to take your vehicle to a commercial car wash, where wash water is recycled and then directed to the sanitary sewer for treatment. If you must wash your vehicle at home, please try to limit the amount of soap and water used and, if possible, conduct the washing on a pervious surface where the water can soak in, such as on your lawn or gravel. It should be noted that charity car washes are prohibited in the City, unless the wash water is prevented from entering the storm drain system and receiving water bodies. The City can provide guidance as to how charities can conduct water friendly car washes. Mobile detailers may be used by residents providing they have a City of Del Mar business license and contain the wash water with berms or other methods, vacuum it up, and then dispose of it in an approved location, like the sanitary sewer.

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