What water conservation incentives does the City of Del Mar offer?
Free residential water use audit
A water conservation specialist provided by the San Diego County Water Authority will come to a residence and perform a home water use evaluation free of charge. The evaluation will cover both indoor and outdoor water usage. The visit will also include recommendations on water usage improvements for the property. Call 866-883-1332 or go to www.watersmartcheckup.org to apply.

Residential rebate incentives
Residential rebate incentives have been effective in achieving water conservation savings. A limited number of rebates will be available through the Metropolitan Water District’s SoCal Water$mart program for Southern California residential water customers. Funding is limited. Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted.

Please visit the San Diego County Water Authority's rebate program website at http://www.watersmartsd.org/ for residential rebate incentives.

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