How are expenditures determined?
One of the most critical tasks that City staff undertakes is the budget. The budget is a spending plan that aligns with the City Council’s goals and objectives and ensures that the residents, businesses, and visitors of Del Mar receive the services that they are accustomed to. The approved budget is an operating and capital plan consisting of two, one-year appropriations along with a ten-year look of capital projects.

Each department submits its budget request to the Finance Department, which then goes through the review process with the City Manager, Director of Finance, and each Department Head. In May, the City Manager submits the proposed budget to the City Council for review.

Budget workshops are held every other year, over a two-day period, which allows Del Mar residents to provide input and be involved in the budget process.

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1. How are expenditures determined?
2. How do I obtain a copy of the current budget?
3. How do I obtain a copy of the current Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)?