Where is smoking prohibited?
  • Enclosed public places - such as stores, restaurants, churches and offices open to the public
  • Places of employment
  • Parks, beaches and seawalls and their street sidewalks, stairs and cul-de-sacs
  • Taxi Cabs operating in Del Mar
  • Child Care facilities
  • All sidewalks and those segments of any street lined with a sidewalk
  • All portions of outdoor seating areas of any bar or restaurant and within reasonable distance of those seating areas, including: adjacent sidewalks and/or streets and roads
  • All public plazas and public and semi-public spaces identified in an approved Specific Plan
  • All outdoor arenas, stadiums, and amphitheaters; including their bleachers and grandstands
  • All public transportation station facilities; such as train stations and bus shelters
    Any property zoned as Public Facility (PF).

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