How do I object to a project at the DRB?
The application will be evaluated by the Design Review Board for its consistency with the Design Review Ordinance (DRO). The DRB makes its determination based on that “standard of review.” If you object to a project, you should review the DRO to see if one of its regulatory findings addresses your particular concerns. You can then register your objection in the context of the DRO via a letter to the board and/or during public testimony at the DRB meeting.

While you are not precluded from waiting until the DRB meeting to express your concerns, we have found the process to be more effective when staff and the project architect are aware of potential objections ahead of the public hearing. This also allows the DRB members an opportunity to review your objection at the project site before the meeting.

If your objection involves the potential for view blockage, additional information is available in a handout found at the Planning Department counter at City Hall. The handout will help you more clearly identify and document your objections for the DRB.

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