How do I dispose/recycle e-waste (computer monitors and televisions, etc.)?

Many older computer monitors, televisions, and other electronics have a cathode ray tube (CRT) or picture tube that converts electronic signals into visual images. California banned the landfill disposal of CRTs as it contains lead. Although there are no health hazards associated with handling intact, unbroken computer monitors or televisions, it is important to keep them out of our landfills where they can contaminate soil and groundwater.

  • All types of electronic waste will be accepted at the Poway, Vista or Escondido HHW Facilities.
  • It is recommended that unwanted electronic items in working order be donated.  Goodwill Industries has partnered with Dell to accept all computers and computer related equipment and electronics (working and non-working) at no charge. A donation center is located in the Park & Ride Lot at Interstate 15 and Mira Mesa Blvd. Residents can call toll-free, 1-888-4-GOODWILL or 1-866-48 REUSE (73873), or visit or to find other drop-off locations or retail stores.
  • More disposal and recycling opportunities are available at
  • Del Mar residents may call Waste Management at 866-967-3292 for a free pickup (which counts as one bulky waste item pickup).

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2. How do I dispose/recycle e-waste (computer monitors and televisions, etc.)?