Why is my bill so high?
Water is a precious commodity in Southern California. Our water comes from the Colorado River at Lake Havasu in Arizona through the Colorado Aqueduct and from the California Aqueduct from the northern part of the California delta region. Then the water is treated and transported by San Diego to our facilities here in the City of Del Mar.

Conservation and water-wise use of water will lower your water bill. In the event that you consider your bill higher than usual or suspect a water leak, please contact the Finance Department to request a re-read of your water meter. If you feel the meter is providing the wrong reading, Public Works can remove your meter and have it calibrated. This work would be at the residents expense. If the meter is found defective, the charge will not apply.

Note: Check for leaks by turning off all the water in your house. Look at your water meter and, if the small dial is moving, water is being used on your property and may indicate a leak. If this occurs, please contact your plumber.

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