Commerical Storm Water Protection

Good Housekeeping
Use mops, brooms or wire brushes to clean dumpsters, sidewalks, buildings, equipment, pavement and other impervious surfaces.
Sweep up trash and debris.

Materials Storage and Handling

Store materials indoors or under covered/contained areas not exposed to rain or wind. 
If materials cannot be stored under cover, place materials on pallets and cover with a secured tarp to avoid contact with storm water run-on and runoff.
Dispose of unused materials properly.

Waste Disposal Management

Keep dumpsters closed when not in use. 
Sweep around dumpsters and other areas to prevent trash from accumulating. 
Immediately clean up spills and leaks.

Spill Response

Keep rags, mops and absorbents readily accessible. 
Dispose of waste properly. 
If necessary, develop a spill response plan and update as needed.

Employee Training

Train employees on pollution prevention and spill response. 
Post information in employee areas.