Clean Water Program

The Clean Water Program serves to protect and enhance the quality of our most visible and valuable natural resources - our lagoons, beaches, and the Pacific Ocean - and comply with state and regional environmental regulations.

The Clean Water Program works closely with the community, including residents, commercial businesses, developers, and municipal staff, to provide education on potential pollution impacts and prevention practices.

In general, illicit discharges and connections to the City's right-of-way, storm drain system, or MS4, are any discharges that are not composed entirely of storm water (non-storm water discharges). In almost all cases of illicit discharges, elimination of the discharge requires some level of enforcement and/or abatement action. Responding to urban runoff reports is an important component of our Clean Water Program and aids in our ultimate goal of reducing urban runoff and enhancing water quality.

The City of Del March prohibits all non-storm water discharges unless a discharge is authorized by a separate NPDES permit or qualifies as a conditional discharge. Typical non-storm water discharges include, but are not limited to:

  • Irrigation runoff (e.g. overspray and over-irrigation)
  • Residential vehicle washing
  • Residential and commercial street, sidewalk, and parking lot washing (e.g. hosing down and high pressure washing)
  • Air conditioning condensation
  • Swimming pool discharges
  • Sanitary sewer overflows
  • Septic system overflows

More information on how you can help is listed below.

How Can I Help?

Report Pollution

If you observe any of the following occurring, please immediately notify the Clean Water Program via email or at 858-704-3652, or submit an Urban Runoff Report Form online:

  • Power washing or mobile detailing operations whose runoff is flowing into the sidewalk, curb and gutter, street, or a storm drain;
  • Over irrigation where water is running off into the streets or storm drain system;
  • Landscape crews using hoses to wash down driveways or gutters into the street;
  • Restaurants washing their mats or equipment outdoors and allowing the runoff to flow into the streets or alleyways; or
  • Construction materials or sediment coming off the property of construction sites and entering the City's right-of-way.

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What is the San Diego Region doing to protect and enhance our waterways?

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