Mold Issues & Complaints

Steps to Take

First and foremost, the tenant should notify the landlord or property owner / management company if a mold problem exists. If the problem is not resolved after owner / landlord notification, a complaint will be taken (with County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health) for field investigation.

The County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is the housing enforcement agency in Del Mar. Complaints should be directed to the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health, Food and Housing Division.


The County of San Diego DEH does not recommend testing as a first step to determine mold issues for it is too costly and there are too many variables. It is recommended that if a tenant can see or smell mold inside their residence or business, they should take the necessary steps to identify and eliminate the sources of excess moisture and then move on to cleanup and remove the mold. DEH does not provide testing for mold. A private contractor would need to be contacted for testing and sampling.

Indoor Air Quality Resource

Refer to the California Indoor Air Quality website for information regarding tenant rights and mold including a list of contractors and testing / sampling companies.