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Fire Department

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Got brush? Reserve a bin

As part of the annual Fuel Reduction Program, residents can reserve up to two, three-yard bins for yard trimmings. Reserve your bins no later than July 23 by calling 866-967-3292.

The Fire Department encourages residents to remove weeds, overgrown vegetation and dead limbs from their property. The Fire Department recommends:

  • Removing dead or dying trees or shrubs;
  • Keeping the first 30 feet surrounding your home free of combustible vegetation and weeds; maintain a non-combustible zone of five feet from the base of the structure e.g., rocks or other non-combustible material;
  • Maintaining at least 10 feet of clearance between vegetation and chimneys;
  • Clearing roofs and rain gutters of debris such as leaves and pine needles; and
  • Maintaining a vertical clearance of 13 feet 6 inches for trees that over-hang driveways or roads.

The removal of coastal sage or known habitat may require a permit. Any grading of property requires a permit. Contact the Fire Marshal if you have questions regarding property restrictions.

To schedule an inspection, contact the Del Mar Fire Department: 858-755-1522 or

Open the Fuel Reduction Program flyer (PDF)

About the Del Mar Fire Department

The Del Mar Fire Department includes nine full-time staff (three captains, three fire engineers, and three firefighters/paramedics). The department is equipped with one front-line fire engine, one rescue unit and one reserve fire engine. Headquarters are located on the southeast corner of the Del Mar Fairgrounds at 2200 Jimmy Durante Boulevard.

Service Area

The Del Mar Fire Department provides emergency services to nearly 5,000 full-time residents as well as more than 3 million annual visitors to the fairgrounds. The service area covers more than 2.5 square miles and includes more than 1,600 structures.


The department is responsible for fire suppression and protection and emergency medical services and responds to vehicle accidents, rescue and hazardous materials incidents. In addition to serving the City of Del Mar, the department provides mutual aid to Solana Beach, Encinitas and portions of the City of San Diego. The Del Mar Fire Department contracts with the City of Encinitas for management services.

Radio System

The Fire Department utilizes an integrated 800 MHz radio system and contracts with the Rancho Santa Fe Regional Dispatch Agency for 24-hour dispatch services. Other agencies and departments on the system include the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Del Mar’s Public Works and Lifeguard departments.

Fire Prevention & Education

The department’s fire prevention and education program provides inspections for all hotels, motels, restaurants and new businesses to assure fire and safety compliance. The department reviews all commercial building plans for fire code compliance. The department also provides free fire prevention inspections for residential property. Classes and demonstrations on safety and disaster preparedness are offered regularly.


The Del Mar Fire Department is committed to providing emergency services, fire prevention, and education in a prompt, professional, and compassionate manner.

Our foremost goal is the preservation of life and property.