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Short-Term Rental Registry

  1. Instructions

    To facilitate policy discussions about potential allowances for Short Term Rentals (STRs) in a future regulatory framework, the City is establishing a database of properties that have operated as an STR within the last ten years. Owners of a STR should register the property by submitting the information requested below. This information is being collected solely to identify the number of STRs operating for the purpose of future policy discussions. The database will not be utilized for code enforcement purposes.

    To receive a copy of the form you submitted, check the box "receive an email copy of this form" and enter your email address before submitting.  For additional information related to the regulation of short term rentals in the City of Del Mar, please visit the City’s web page: or contact staff at

  2. This can be found on your property tax bill or grant deed. Enter the 10-digit number without hyphens or spaces.

  3. Is the STR the entire residence, or a portion of the residence?
  4. Please provide at least ONE supporting document to demonstrate that the STR was in operation within the past ten years. Just one of the options below will suffice for supporting documentation: 

    1. Fully executed rental agreement that identifies the STR address; or
    2. A City of Del Mar business license indicating the short-term rental business at the subject property; or
    3. A federal or state income tax return specifying a STR business operation at the subject property. Please be sure to redact all sensitive personal information such as social security number; or
    4. Printed or online advertising, or contracts, indicating actively advertised STR operations at the subject property; or
    5. Other evidence of STR operations at the subject property within the past ten years may be submitted for consideration.
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