How long does the permit process take?
The processing of a development permit in the City of Del Mar can be broken down into two distinct phases: 1) City discretionary approval(s), which include Design Review, Planning Commission and/or City Council review; and, 2) post approval reviews and plan check/permitting.

City Discretionary Approvals: The processing time from application submittal to final approval for a discretionary permit is a minimum of about two months, but it can be longer, depending on the type of application submitted. A project that requires multiple discretionary actions will take longer.

Once the Planning Commission or DRB approves the project there is a 10 working-day right to appeal the action to the City Council. Once the appeal period is over, the remainder of the processing time depends on the applicant.

Post Approval Reviews and Plan Check/Permitting: The processing time of this phase depends on the complexity of the project and the types of conditions that were placed on the approval of the project. These conditions may take some time to complete. The Plan Check approval can be time consuming, but careful planning and organization of these tasks by the applicant can significantly minimize the processing time.

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