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Seagrove Park


Seagrove Park Rental Information


  1. Beach Access

Seagrove Park can be rented for special events year round. Due to its more secluded location, Seagrove Park offers an intimate ambiance tucked in between towering palm trees and surrounded by dramatic ocean views - perfect for a more private affair.  

If there will be more than 24 people or there will catering and/or alcohol present, then a Special Event Permit is required. Please note only special event is permitted per day. Review the Seagrove Park Rental Info Flyer for more detailed information and contact the Community Services team at

In efforts to support Del Mar’s sustainability initiatives, the City thanks caterers and permittees of City Facilities (Parks, Beaches, and Community Center) for utilizing best conservation practices.  Energy-efficient food preparation, cleaning methods, and use of equipment composed of sustainable materials decrease the amount waste and reduce overall energy consumption. When at all possible, use of non-disposable plates, glasses, utensils, and alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles is considered best practice. Use of ESP (Styrofoam) service ware, plastic straws, and stirrers is prohibited (DMMC 11.40 & 11.44). For more information, visit the City’s Go Green webpage.