I received a Clean Water Education Letter, what do I do?

The Clean Water Program investigates urban runoff reports received; in addition, bi-monthly patrols are performed to identify potential sources of pollution. During these investigations and patrols, the Clean Water Program looks for evidence of potential pollution and urban runoff and determines a source. If there is an active discharge occurring, the Clean Water Program Investigator will try to establish contact with the business owner to cease activities. In addition, the Clean Water Program will generate a Clean Water Education Letter to provide education on urban runoff and pollution prevention practices and describe the issue that was observed with photos that were taken during the investigation or patrol. If you received a Clean Water Education Letter, please implement the requests noted by the Clean Water Program. Should you have questions or need assistance, please call the Clean Water Program (858-704-3652) to discuss the Clean Water Education Letter further.

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2. I received a Clean Water Education Letter, what do I do?
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