I noticed a lot of water in the street that appears to be sewage. What do I do?
If sewage is spilling into your yard, street, or drainage system, please immediately contact the City of Del Mar Public Works Department at 858-755-3294 or after hours, contact the North County Dispatch JPA at 858-756-1126 which provides dispatch services for both emergency and non-emergency calls.

It is critically important to protect our beaches and lagoons from sewer contamination. Public Works will investigate, and if the public sewer main is clogged, we will immediately work to open the system and clean up any spilled sewage. If the problem is in a private lateral, the property owner will be required to contract privately for repairs and clean up.  Your sewer lateral is defined as that portion from your home to the city's sewer main, including that part within the street and easement. The costs for installation, maintenance, and replacement of the sewer connection to the public sewer main in a public street, alley, or easement (sewer service lateral), shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

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1. I noticed a lot of water in the street that appears to be sewage. What do I do?
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