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June 21, 2019 · Issue No. 26
In this issue: Completion Expected Late Summer

1100 block reconstruction
Demolition and reconstruction of sidewalks, planters and parking is underway on the 1100 block of west Camino del Mar, the final block to be improved as part of the Downtown Streetscape Project.

Timeline update

A historically rainy winter and other on-site challenges have caused delays in the Downtown Streetscape Project that have pushed its expected completion to late summer.
To date, the project has brought new sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, medians, crosswalks and streetlights to Camino del Mar between Plaza and 9th streets.

Beneath the streets and sidewalks, workers have installed irrigation, electrical and drainage lines. In multiple locations, workers encountered uncharted and aging infrastructure. Together with the rains, rerouting or replacing those utilities – such as badly-corroded steel storm drains at 11th and 10th streets -- has contributed to 76 calendar days of delay.

A final block of street and sidewalk reconstruction, on the 1100 block of west Camino del Mar, is scheduled to continue through July. The schedule for July also shows:

  • Irrigation systems to be completed;
  • Crosswalk construction at 10th Street;
  • Storm drain corrections at 10th, 11th and 12th streets; and
  • Planting to begin mid-month.
For August, the schedule shows:
  • Roadway reconstruction and striping;
  • Installation of furnishings; and
  • Punch list work, or final finishes.

11th Street closure area.
11th Street closure area.

11th Street closure extended through July 5

Street and utility work will require the continued closure of 11th Street just east of Camino del Mar through July 5. About 50 feet of the road surface has been removed entirely. The roadbed must be lowered about 18 inches to align with newly-built curbs, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. As the road surface must be lowered so must manholes and water valves. During the closure, crews are set to install brick paver crosswalks. When the road reopens, its transition from Camino del Mar will be smoother and vehicles will be less likely to scrape their tail ends on the steep incline.

Demolition on 1100 block
Cafe Secret is closed on Mondays. On Monday this week, workers demolished and replaced the sidewalk in front of the business in a single day.
Rebuilt sidewalk at Cafe Secret.
Rebuilt sidewalk at Cafe Secret.

Action on 1100 block

Demolition and construction of curbs, gutters and sidewalks continued this week on the 1100 block of southbound Camino del Mar -- the final block of the Downtown Streetscape Project to receive a makeover. 

On the north end of the block, workers formed and poured curbs and gutters. At the intersection with 12th Street, construction of a 6-foot-tall retaining wall -- the largest of the project -- will continue next week.

An architect's rendering of the 1100 block of Camino del Mar.
An architect's rendering of the 1100 block of Camino del Mar.

Project abuzz with electrical work

electrical trench at 9th Street
Electrical workers install conduit on southbound Camino del Mar at 9th Street. The electrical contractor is approved to work 12-hour days -- from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. -- Monday through Thursday next week.

Week of June 24

Southbound Camino del Mar, 1100 block

  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk and retaining wall construction
  • Demolition
  • Silva cell installations for tree planting and stormwater capture

Southbound Camino del Mar at 14th and 13th streets

  • Brick paver crosswalk construction

Southbound Camino del Mar, 900 block

  • Sidewalk improvements

Southbound Camino del Mar and medians, 12th to 9th streets

  • Electrical conduit and irrigation line installation 

Streetscape in a nutshell

The Downtown Streetscape Project will beautify Camino del Mar and improve safety between 9th and Plaza streets. The $7.2 million project includes new sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, street furniture, landscaping, paving and other improvements. Construction is scheduled to run through August. The Downtown Streetscape Project was first envisioned in 1996 as part of a citywide street and sidewalk improvement program.

Monday: Biweekly briefing, public welcome

Residents and business owners are invited to meet the project team and get the latest information on construction activity during biweekly briefings at the Del Mar Civic Center Town Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar. The next briefing is set for 9 a.m. Monday, June 24. Download a briefing schedule (PDF).

Free parking at Civic Center

Visitors to downtown Del Mar can park for free at the Del Mar Civic Center, 1050 Camino Del Mar. The garage is accessible from entrances on 10th and 11th streets and by a stairway or elevator that connect to the plaza above.

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