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May 17, 2019 ยท Issue No. 21
In this issue: Let There Be Lights

May 20 to 24: SB Camino del Mar lane closure

Paving work between 12th and 13th streets from May 20 to 24 will require a round-the-clock closure of the outside traffic lane, bike lane and parking on southbound Camino del Mar. The work involves demolishing existing pavement and re-grading the roadway so southbound lanes align properly with newly-constructed curbs and sidewalks.

Let there be lights

Streetlight installations began this week along the east side of Camino del Mar, with workers bolting 18-foot-tall wooden poles onto footings at street corners and 12-footers to bases at mid-bock locations.

The poles are fitted with steel hardware to hold bell-shaped lamps, banners and flower baskets. The inner workings of the poles contain power and data outlets. 
Plans call for 56 streetlights in the project area from Plaza to 9th Street.

The streetlights installed this week are set to be energized in June; lights on the west side of Camino del Mar are expected to be installed in June and energized later that month.

Streetlight installation
Workers install the first of 56 streetlights planned for the Downtown Streetscape Project.
Workers install new streetlight at 12th Street
A new streetlight at 12th Street is positioned near an existing one that will be removed.
conduit trench at Del Mar Plaza
Electrical workers deliver wooden streetlight poles from one location to the next.

Recap: Week of May 13

In addition to streetlight installations, workers completed construction of brick paver crosswalks at 15th Street, clearing of vegetation on the median between 13th and 15th streets, and pouring of sidewalks on the 1200 block of west Camino del Mar. Elsewhere, construction of a storm drain system continued at the southeast corner of the 11th Street intersection.

Sidewalk treatment on west 1200 block
Workers complete the final segment of brick paver crosswalks at 15th Street.
Fresh sidewalk on west 1200 block
Vegetation clearing in the median between 13th and 15th streets includes the removal of melaleuca trees.
storm drain installation at 11th Street
The installation of a storm drain system at 11th Street continues next week.

Look-ahead: Week of May 20

  • Demolition and construction of median, 13th to 15th streets.
  • Asphalt paving, 1200 block of west Camino del Mar
  • Storm drain installation at 11th Street.

Streetscape in a nutshell

The Downtown Streetscape Project will beautify Camino del Mar and improve safety between 9th and Plaza streets. The $7.2 million project includes new sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, street furniture, landscaping, paving and other improvements. Construction is scheduled to run through July. The Downtown Streetscape Project was first envisioned in 1996 as part of a citywide street and sidewalk improvement program.

May 28: Biweekly briefing, public welcome

Residents and business owners are invited to meet the project team and get the latest information on construction activity during biweekly briefings at the Del Mar Civic Center Town Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar. The next briefing is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 28. Download a schedule (PDF)

Free parking at Civic Center

Visitors to downtown Del Mar can park for free at the Del Mar Civic Center, 1050 Camino Del Mar. The garage is accessible from entrances on 10th and 11th streets and by a stairway or elevator that connect to the plaza above.

traffic control devices

Safety is no accident

In construction areas, one of two lanes and parallel parking will be closed during work hours. Sidewalks could be closed temporarily. Please read and follow all posted signs. Do not cross orange fencing and stay clear of closed sidewalks. Thank you!

Estimated timeline

  • January through May: East side of Camino del Mar
  • April through June: West side of Camino del Mar
  • June: Camino del Mar medians and landscaping
  • July: Camino del Mar paving, striping and signage.
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