In October of 2018, the City hired Lee & Ro, Inc. (Consultant) to assist the City with engineering and managing the planned citywide utility undergrounding project. Their first taskorder was to prepare a preliminary project delivery plan. This first assignment included inventorying, assessing, and mapping existing overhead facilities; evaluating the construction readiness of five undergrounding projects previously initiated by private neighborhoods; and preparing preliminary cost estimates (for planning and budgeting purposes). After several weeks of data gathering and analysis, the City’s consultant, the Consultant has delivered the first draft of the Project Delivery Plan for the City’s review. The project team (including staff, UPAC, and Consultant) is currently reviewing the draft Project Delivery Plan and preparing several recommendations for the City Council to consider. It is anticipated that final version of the report, the UPAC recommendations, and other related policy matters for the City Council’s consideration will be brought forward to the City Council in March 2019.

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