SANDAG/NCTD Rail Projects

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Regional transportation agencies are advancing a number of rail projects in Del Mar. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is the lead planning agency on the railway, which is owned and operated by North County Transit District (NCTD). On this webpage, visitors can find official information related to LOSSAN Rail Relignment (proposed tunneling), NCTD railway fencing, SANDAG Bluff Stabilization 5, SANDAG San Dieguito Double Track Project,  and the SANDAG Coastal Connections Conceptual Planning Study.

LOSSAN Rail Relignment (proposed tunneling)

proposed railway alignments

SANDAG webpage: Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization & LOSSAN Realignment

SANDAG webpage: Conceptual Alignments (PDF)

SANDAG webpage: Project Timeline (PDF)

SANDAG webpage: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Timeline (PDF)

SANDAG webpage: San Dieguito to Sorrento Valley Double Track | Del Mar Tunnels Alternatives Analysis Report | San Diego Regional Rail Corridor Alternative Alignment and Improvements Conceptual Engineering Study | August 2023 (PDF)

SANDAG webpage: Conceptual Engineering Study Appendices (PDF)

SANDAG planners have identified five possible tunnel routes as alternatives to the existing line along the Del Mar bluffs. The two alternatives that have scored the highest would run beneath Camino del Mar or Crest Canyon in Del Mar Heights. A feasibility study will determine which of the options will advance to environmental review.

The analysis is part of a larger study examining how to improve the movement of people and goods on the railway between San Diego and San Luis Obispo. The LOSSAN Rail Corridor is the second-busiest in the nation and is travelled annually by 8 million riders and $1 billion in goods.

Contact SANDAG: 858-549-RAIL or

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NCTD Railway Fencing (proposed)

A North County Transit District (NCTD) proposal calls for fencing along the Del Mar bluffs rail corridor. The City of Del Mar has not agreed to the proposed plan and is working in collaboration with the California Coastal Commission, SANDAG and other regional agencies to ensure NCTD respects the rights, property, environmental and safety considerations along the Del Mar bluffs. In May 2023, the United States Surface Transportation Board declined to grant NCTD's Petition of Declaratory Order, finding  issues related to NCTD's proposed fencing project should be addressed by State courts. A State court decision is expected early 2024. The City of Del Mar is not a party to the State court litigation.

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SANDAG Bluffs Stabilization Project 5

Bluff Pile Installation squareFor the Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Project Phase 5, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) plans a number of drainage, shoring and strengthening projects between Coast Boulevard and Carmel Valley Road.

Construction is expected to begin early 2024.  

The work program calls for improving drainage structures, reinforcing the bluff with pilings and adding bluff protection measures such as seawalls. 

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SANDAG San Dieguito Double Track Project (in design)

s7414992d385a450b80dd6c48ffe37d61_small_optimizedSANDAG's San Dieguito Double Track Project envisions a new bridge across San Dieguito River, the double-tracking of 1.1 miles of railway between Solana Beach and Del Mar, a pedestrian undercrossing, and construction of a special events platform at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for Coaster and Amtrak trains.

Construction of Phase 1 is set to begin in late 2024 and includes 0.8 mile of double-tracking north of the river and realigning the Stevens Creek channel, which today runs parallel to the tracks. 

Phase 2 is not fully funded and is unscheduled. Phase 2 includes: the double-tracked bridge, special events platform, realignment of the tracks south of Via de la Valle, double-tracking south of the river and utility improvements.

In April 2024, the California Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program awarded $100 million to SANDAG and NCTD to advance to the project. The grant is intended to pay for:

  • Replacement of the aging wooden trestle San Dieguito Lagoon rail bridge; 
  • Construction of a special events platform for the Del Mar Fairgrounds;
  • Construction of 0.3 mile of new main track; and
  • Siding rehabilitation/track improvements to 0.8 mile of siding track to create a total of 1.1 miles of new double-track.

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SANDAG Coastal Connections Conceptual Planning Study

train on bluffSANDAG’s Coastal Connections Conceptual Planning Study assesses opportunities for pedestrian trails and crossings along 1.5 miles of railway between Coast Boulevard and Torrey Pines State Beach.

Completed in 2023, the study evaluates pedestrian access improvements that include overcrossings, trails and beach access points. 

Open final study

SANDAG will continue advancing the most promising improvement concepts through a community-focused planning and design process. The SANDAG Board of Directors has the final say on which of the proposed improvements get built.

SANDAG is required to build the project within three years from the start of construction of the Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Project 5, which is scheduled to begin late 2023 or early 2024.

Open SANDAG's Coastal Connections Conceptual Planning Study webpage