Solid Waste HAULER Procurement

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The City of Del Mar is preparing to launch a competitive procurement to retain a long-term solid waste and recycling hauler. Del Mar's existing, 10-year agreement with Waste Management expires in June 2022. The $13 million franchise is one of Del Mar's highest-valued contracts. For a new agreement, advertising for bids is set to begin in August. To inform the solicitation, residents and businesses are asked to comment on what matters most to them by completing this brief survey. For your input to be included as part of the Request for Proposals, please respond by 4:30 p.m. July 23.

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New mandates for food waste recycling

In addition to value and quality of service, a key aspect of the solicitation will be to identify a contractor with the capacity and qualifications to meet new State requirements for recycling and the diversion of food waste.

All California jurisdictions face new requirements to recycle organics and food waste. Most of the costs will be borne by ratepayers. Some of our neighboring cities are beginning to implement food waste collection programs. 

How can Del Mar design a food waste program that best meets your needs? Please complete our survey or email: