City of Del Mar Junior Lifeguards - 17TH street beach

We are excited to welcome you the Del Mar Junior Lifeguard Program! Registration opens Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 8:00A.M.

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The Junior Lifeguard program was first established 1964 with an intent to provide its participants the ability to recognize hazardous conditions often seen in an ever-changing aquatic environment. Junior Guard instruction focuses specifically around safety, respect, and discipline. Participants will become well-versed in lifesaving techniques, the marine environment, skills training, and physical fitness, all the while making lasting memories and relationships on one of Southern California’s most beautiful beaches.

The City of Del Mar Junior Lifeguard Program is coming Summer 2022. Boys and girls ages 9 – 15 are encouraged to participate in this exciting opportunity to familiarize themselves with beach and ocean safety, teamwork, and lifeguarding skills.

Del Mar Junior Lifeguards will learn how to utilize lifesaving resources and strategies when visiting the beach. Education is divided into three different training elements: skills training, physical training, and beach orientation. Junior Guards are introduced to the equipment and tools of lifeguarding. They will be taught the purpose of lifeguard towers, the meaning of warning flags, and how guards successfully work together in teams to accomplish tasks.

Skills training will prepare participants to respond to common dangers and accidents associated with the marine environment. Junior Guards will also perform mock rescues, learn to spot victims in distress, and become knowledgeable in beach and ocean safety.

In addition to learning crucial lifesaving techniques and various training elements, Junior Guard participants will have the unique opportunity to name the newest Lifeguard Boat. Del Mar Lifeguards are getting a new IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) and invite all Del Mar Junior Lifeguards to submit potential names for the newest vessel that will serve the community for years to come.

More information to follow! Should you have immediate questions, you are welcome to email or call 858-375-9552. We cannot wait to meet our Summer 2022 Junior Lifeguards!