Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling

C and D guidelines

With some exceptions, state and local laws require that construction and demolition projects recycle debris. In Del Mar, contractors and project managers must verify whether their projects require a Waste Management Plan.

The City will not issue building permits if Waste Management Plans do not meet CalGreen standards, which require the recycling of at least 65% of C&D waste.

Upon completion of a project and prior to final building permit inspections, contractors or project managers must complete the compliance section of the Waste Management Plan and present receipts from waste, recycling and reuse facilities to show that diversion requirements were met.

Containers and Certified Facilities

To order C&D containers, contact the City’s solid waste hauler, EDCO: 619-287-7555.

Contractors who self-haul C&D waste are advised to dump at a certified facility.

C&D Resources