The Civic Center Energy Enhancements Project

The City of Del Mar was selected as the top ranking “Local Government Challenge” winner, ahead of eight other local government awardees and out of 38 initial proposals submitted. The Local Government Challenge solicitation, issued by the California Energy Commission, aimed to identify projects that would support the implementation of climate action plans and employ innovative building energy solutions. CCEEP

In 2017, Del Mar was awarded $388,893 to deploy the Civic Center Energy Enhancements Project, which centered on the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage system (ESS) installation, as well as outreach efforts to disseminate project results and inspire replication among other local government and commercial sites.

This project yields several benefits to the City and its residents. The PV and ESS technology installed at the Del Mar Civic Center complex (City Hall and Town Hall) make these buildings more energy efficient, energy advanced and energy resilient. The technology reduces electricity consumption from the grid by generating most of the building’s electricity needs with on-site solar, provides backup power when grid power is lost and allows battery discharge to strategically reduce the site’s peak demand and to power early evening events when time-of-use rates are the highest. 

In addition to the on-site energy and cost benefits the project provides, this system also bolsters the resilience and functionality of the City’s designated Emergency Operations Center at the Town Hall. The combined solar plus storage project serves as a valuable demonstration project to other local government, municipal and commercial sites considering investment in resilient renewable technology. 

CaptureThe City’s award provided funding for three components.

  • Installation of a 71-kW photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the new City Hall
  • Installation of a 120-kWh battery energy storage system (ESS)
  • Collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Energy to monitor, assess and disseminate information on the energy savings and performance metrics provided by the PV/ESS system


Project partners include

  • City of Del Mar
  • California Energy Commission
  • Miller Hull
  • Randall Lamb
  • Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Baker Electric
  • Nant Energy

*All project partners were selected through a competitive bidding process.

Stay informed about this project’s performance by checking out the City Hall lobby. A monitor will display quarterly project and performance updates including cumulative energy production and cost savings, as well as project resources and upcoming events such as a site tour, webinar and city council presentation.

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