Camino del Mar over San Dieguito Bridge Replacement

existing CDM bridge and rendering of replacement

The City of Del Mar has launched a multi-year project to replace the Camino Del Mar bridge over the San Dieguito River.

Following extensive inspections by the State of California, the City of Del Mar ordered a study of the existing bridge in 2012. The study identified corrosion and vulnerability to earthquakes and concluded that replacing the structure was the most cost-effective solution. Cal Trans has agreed and notes that the project qualifies for 89 percent reimbursement from the Federal Highway Bridge Program. 

Today, the bridge replacement project is in the midst of a multi-phase environmental review and construction planning process. Construction is expected to begin in 2025 and last for up to 27 months.

The new bridge will accommodate one lane in each direction and bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides. The replacement structure will reduce impacts to the environmentally-fragile wetland and improve the hydrology of the river. 

Construction is expected to begin in 2025 and last for up to 27 months. 

Early estimates place the construction cost at $25 million to $28 million, of which nearly 90 percent will be covered by a federal grant. The grant will pay to replace existing features. Artistic treatments to the structure will not be eligible for federal funding. 

In September 2020, State authorities validated the City's recommended design alternative. The City's receipt of the Cal Trans Condition Concurrence Memo is an important milestone toward advancing environmental review.

Located north of Sandy Lane and south of Via de la Valle, the bridge was built in 1932, widened in 1953, and modified in 2001.  

corroded bridge



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CDM Bridge Open House 1-10-2019During an open house in 2019, residents and the project team discussed architectural treatments, design and construction alternatives.