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Work Program - Progress Update

Following is an update on various tasks for the coastal resiliency/sea level rise planning work program. Preparation of the Local Coastal Program Amendment documents involves public review and outreach prior to the public hearing and approval phase. Much of the public discussion occurs through the STAC meeting forum and is followed with noticed public hearings by the decision makers: Planning Commission (recommendation), City Council, and California Coastal Commission.

Major Grant Tasks

Work Program Schedule and Overview

Benchmark Schedule

Activity Completion Date
Project Commencement
July 2015
Community/Stakeholder Meetings - Gaps Analysis July-December 2015
Sustainability Resource Fair September 2015
Community Forum January 2016
Community/Stakeholder Meetings - Vulnerability and Risk February-April 2016
Community Workshop May 2016
Community/Stakeholder Meetings - Adaption Plan June-September 2016
Public Outreach/Prepare Draft LCPA and Fact Sheets September 2016-Summer 2017
Council Liaison Meetings: North Beach Residents/Owners April 2017
Council Liaison Meetings: Bluff top Residents/Owners August 2017
STAC Subcommittee- Recommended Revisions to Adaptation Plan July-October 2017
STAC- Recommended Revisions to Adaptation Plan October-December 2017
Planning Commission Hearing(s)- Adaptation Plan February-March 2018
Planning Commission Hearing- Sediment Management, Habitat Assessment June 2018
Planning Commission Hearing(s) - Land Use Plan Code August 2018
City Council Hearing(s) September 2018
Coastal Commission Amendment Submittal Fall 2018
Coastal Commission Certification Hearing To Be Determined