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When we turn on the heat or air conditioning, turn on the lights, cook our own meals, watch TV, or use our computers, we are using energy in our homes. There are numerous ways that we can reduce the use of the supply of energy to our home:

Solar is one option for alternative energy to reduce the carbon footprint of your home that has become increasingly more popular and affordable.

Take advantage of the following SDG&E resources that provide rebates and tips to improve the energy efficiency of your home through retrofits of windows, water heaters, and more:

If you plan to build or redevelop in Del Mar, click on the resources below to find out ways you can incorporate energy reduction measures into your plans:

Del Mar Home Energy Savings Program

The Del Mar Home Energy Savings (HES) Program is a public outreach and social equity program funded by the SDG&E Local Government Partnership Program. The City worked with Rincon Consultants, Inc. to engage in outreach to help disadvantaged, older adult residents of Del Mar evaluate their energy efficiency needs and overcome obstacles to making energy efficiency upgrades. The City and Rincon collaborated with community organizations to reach target groups and perform Home Energy Audits, sharing information about rebates and incentives available. The program also informed residents on how to best modify their energy use and install energy-savings retrofits to save money on electricity bills. To learn more about the program outcomes and results, and how this program supports Del Mar’s Climate Action Plan social equity goals, view the Del Mar Home Energy Savings Program Results (PDF).


Stores, businesses, and restaurants use energy to meet the needs of their customers. Alarm systems, lighting, cooking, heating and air conditioning, to name a few, all require energy. Electricity and natural gas consumption in commercial buildings accounts for about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Del Mar.

Business Owners:
Look here for ways to meet the needs of your customers while using sustainable and cost-saving measures:

Check the following links for green construction regulations and the cost-savings benefits of using sustainable measures:

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