Sustainability Advisory Committee

Lagoon InletThe Sustainability Advisory Committee advises the Del Mar City Council on climate change, sustainability and implementation of the Climate Action Plan. Committee members serve as liaisons to inform residents and business owners on environmental issues. The committee monitors activities of the Clean Energy Alliance.

Other duties of the Sustainability Advisory Committee include:

  • Working with other groups to join efforts on energy efficiency and renewable energy; 
  • Providing information to the City Council on environmental legislation; and
  • Working with City planners on environmental issues, as appropriate.

SAC Details, Member Roster and Meeting Schedule

Green Papers

Short writings prepared by the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

January 4, 2024: CEA Offers Clean Energy Options
December 15, 2023: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
November 16, 2023: Trees on the front lines of fight against climate change
October 24, 2023: Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes
September 29, 2023: Are gas stoves hazardous to your health?
August 17, 2023: Keep Plastic Bags Out of the Green Organics Recycling Cart 
July 27, 2023: Gleaning to Reduce Waste and Improve Food Security
June 16, 2023: Consider an All-Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
June 9, 2023: Del Mar’s Ordinances Targeting Plastic Reduction
May 26, 2023: Back Up Power Building Electrification
May 12, 2023: Redirecting Gray Laundry Water to Our Gardens

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