Del Mar City Operations Go Green

Discover Del Mar’s sustainability practices and programs.

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There are several ways that the City of Del Mar is greening municipal operations:

New Civic Center Building

Renewable Energy Technology –  The City’s new Civic Center boasts a 71-kW photovoltaic (PV) system, comprised of 199 high-efficiency 360-watt SunPower modules (panels) and a 120-kWh energy storage system (ESS) comprised of three Nant SmartStorage 40-kWh batteries. This system generates most of the building’s electricity needs on-site and can store excess energy for later use, such as during peak utility pricing and emergency grid outages. 

The PV and ESS installations were a major component of the Civic Center Energy Enhancements Project, funded by the California Energy Commission. This project supports the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) goal of increasing energy efficiency in municipal buildings and aims to inspire similar sustainable technology solutions for other local government, municipal and commercial sites. 

To learn more, visit Civic Center Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project

EV Parking – The City’s goal is to increase the number of preferential parking spaces for clean vehicles. In addition, the new Civic Center includes EV charging stations for five EVs and preferential parking for clean air vehicles.

Greening the City Fleet – As described in the City’s CAP, the City commits to exploring the potential for replacing its municipal fleet with electric cars when feasible.

Recycled Water Infrastructure Expansion – Extension of recycled water piping has been completed on the north end of Camino Del Mar to 29th Street.

Public Works Initiatives

  • Installed “No Idling” signs at the street ends. PW also reminds crews to minimize idling times in vehicles.
  • Recycled aggregate base on paving projects.
  • Planted drought-resistant plant materials.
  • Superintendent/Inspector uses an electric vehicle during the work day.
  • Replaced all diesel equipment with high efficiency tier 4 approved engines.
  • Purchasing lighter, more fuel efficient four-seater trucks.
  • Encourage PW crews to carpool and utilize a 9/80 work shift to reduce the number of vehicles/employees commuting on a daily basis.
  • Allow contractors to have onsite staging and storage areas to reduce road times to the job site.
  • Developed a comprehensive routine for the beach team to collect trash and recycle simultaneously to reduce trips.

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