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Find out what you can do and what the City of Del Mar is doing to reduce energy consumption and choose renewable sources of energy.

Creating electricity by burning fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel, and natural gas) to power our homes and businesses, and using vehicles that run on these fuels generates greenhouse gases (GHGs). Electricity consumption in the City of Del Mar (residential and commercial) accounts for about 36% of GHG emissions. The City of Del Mar’s goal is to achieve a renewable energy supply, such as solar and wind, in order to reduce GHGs, while promoting energy efficiency in our homes and businesses.

The City of Del Mar is pursuing a Community Choice Energy program (CCE) as an approach to increase renewable energy use for our businesses and residences. A CCE is a not-for-profit provider established by a city or group of cities to offer residents competitive rates on renewable energy such as wind and solar while continuing to operate within existing energy providers for delivery services. Watch this video to learn more. Many California cities have already created CCEs that provide residents with lower prices and a higher percentage of renewable energy. The City of Del Mar has committed to 100% clean energy by 2035. Establishing a CCE program is key to achieving this goal.

On March 4, Del Mar City Council authorized participation in the evaluation of Community Choice governance. The Cities of Del Mar, Carlsbad and Encinitas held a public meeting on March 21 presenting the findings of the North San Diego County Cities Community Choice Energy Technical Feasibility Study, along with public input. On April 15, the City Council expressed its intent of participation in a Community Choice Energy Program by resolution. 

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