22 in 5 Affordable Housing Study

The “22 in 5” Affordable Housing Program is a City Council Priority Project, intended to develop a plan to accomplish 22 affordable housing units in Del Mar within approximately five years (by the end of 2021). At its November 21, 2016 City Council meeting, the City Council, based upon recommendations from the Housing Corporation, directed staff to move forward with the work program and allocated funding for the analysis.

At its February 2, 2017 meeting, the Housing Corporation reviewed the draft scope of work and provided comments which were then incorporated into the Request for Proposal (RFP 2017-01). The RFP was released for bids on February 28, 2017 and disseminated through Del Mar’s Bid Board; the San Diego Housing Federation (the region’s affordable housing advocacy group) who shared it with its statewide mailing list; the Del Mar Housing Corporation and the Finance Committee’s subcommittee for Affordable Housing for further distribution. Staff also provided the RFP to interested parties identified by the San Diego Housing Federation.

The City received a proposal from LeSar Development Consultants (LDC) teaming with Keyser Marston Associates (KMA) for cost-estimates, pro-formas and funding gap analysis. The LDC proposal was selected because it meets the budget parameters, scope of work, qualifications and it demonstrated a strong understanding of the issues facing Del Mar.

Since the selection of LeSar Development Consultants, the consultant team has been preparing the “22 in 5” report, looking at various solutions in creating 22 affordable units prior to the end of the current housing cycle (2013-2021).

The 22 units comprise 12 affordable units (4 extremely low-income, 3 very low-income, and 5 low-income), which is the City’s lower income housing assessment for the current housing element cycle, and additional 10 low-income units, which is a penalty for the City’s failure in achieving the goals set in the previous housing element cycle (2005-2010). The total 5th Cycle RHNA assessment for Del Mar is 61 units; in addition to the 22 low-income units discussed above, the total assessment also requires the City to generate 20 moderate-income and 34 above-moderate-income units (76 units total). Although this report focusses mainly on achieving low income units, many of the strategies proposed in this report can also be used to meet the City’s moderate-income housing commitment as well.

June 4, 2018 City Council Meeting: Watch Now (PDF)

22 in 5 Affordable Housing Study: Review Now (PDF)