Downtown Streetscape Project

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12th Street crosswalk

The Downtown Streetscape Project will bring new sidewalks, paving, bike lanes, trees and landscaping to seven blocks of Camino del Mar between 9th and Plaza streets. The $6.8 million project also includes major updates of street lighting and furnishings along Del Mar’s main thoroughfare. Construction is scheduled to run from January through June.

Demolition, hardscape and landscaping crews – in that order – will work from north to south along the east side of Camino del Mar. Crews then will return to Plaza Street and work from north to south on the west side of Camino del Mar. Construction then will move to the medians. Fresh blacktop and lane striping is scheduled for the end of the job.

Streetscape costs are expected to total $6.8 million and will be covered with a combination of funds from Measure Q ($3.9 million); the existing Streetscape budget ($1.4 million) and financing ($1.5 million).

The Downtown Streetscape Project was first envisioned in 1996 as part of a citywide street and sidewalk improvement program.


  • January through March: East side of Camino del Mar, working from north to south.
  • February through April: West side of Camino del Mar, working from north to south.
  • April through May: Camino del Mar medians, working from north to south.
  • June: Camino del Mar paving, striping and signage.

Safety and Parking

In construction areas, one of two traffic lanes and some parallel parking could be closed during work hours. Sidewalks could be closed temporarily. Please read and follow all posted signs.

Visitors, business owners and their employees are encouraged to park at no cost at the Del Mar Civic Center, 1050 Camino del Mar. In an effort to minimize parking impacts, contractors and work crews will park and stage equipment and materials at offsite locations.

Biweekly Briefings

Business owners and residents are encouraged to attend biweekly briefings on upcoming construction activity at 9 a.m. every-other-Monday at the Del Mar Civic Center Town Hall.Biweekly Briefing Schedule (PDF)

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