Downtown Streetscape

One of the City Council priority projects is to enhance the Downtown Streetscape.

The community outreach process for the Downtown Streetscape project is underway! The improvements will be along Camino Del Mar from 9th Street to Plaza Driveway, with construction slated to begin in Winter 2018/2019.

October 2018 Updates

Please view Sept 2018 - Illustrative Plan Block by Block  for project images that were included in the September 17, 2018, City Council Agenda Report. Also included are the project materials, furnishings, landscaping and lighting details.

September 2018 Updates

On Monday, September 17, the City Council authorized staff to proceed with the entire Downtown Streetscape Project and to advertise for construction bids. The full staff report is available here

In addition, the City Council authorized the use of Measure Q funds and short term financing in addition to already allocated General Fund dollars and SB1 appropriations to fund the Downtown Streetscape Project. The Measure Q report is available here.

The construction documents have been issued and bids are due October 19. A full set of plans and construction specifications are available on the City's BID page.

May 2018 Updates

On Monday, May 7, the City Council reaffirmed their support of the Downtown Streetscape Project and directed staff to present options this September for funding and phasing the project, with construction to begin in Winter 2018/2019. 

Phase 1 (Camino del Mar from 9th to 11th Street) was originally to begin in Spring 2018, however, construction bids for this Phase came in over the project budget. The City Council considered allocating more funds now for Phase 1 but decided, instead, to delay the start of construction until Winter 2018/2019 to avoid work in the busy summer months. Also, by delaying the work until then, staff has the opportunity to evaluate options for combining phases  in an effort to obtain better pricing overall and to minimize disruptions in the commercial area.  

City staff will return to the City Council with a comprehensive plan for the project in September 2018.  

To watch the discussion of the project updates, please click here

February 2018 Updates

As of February 20th, City Council has approved plans for the Downtown Streetscape Project and identified the first phase of the Project. Phase 1 will include Camino del Mar from 9th Street to 11th Street (including the northern curb corners on 11th Street). The City will now move forward with the bidding process with construction to begin this Spring.

To watch the discussion and approval of the project, please click here.

The City Council Staff Report  and updated plans can be found here.

January 2018 Updates

The Design Review Board will consider updated project plans for the Del Mar Streetscape plans on January 24, 2018  with subsequent City Council approval.

The DRB Staff Report can be found here.

The DRB Plan Set can be found here.

September 2017 Updates

In September, the City received the draft addendum to the 1996 Camino Del Mar Streetscape Plan for 9th to 15th Street which you may find here. The City also approved the Downtown Streetscape Scope of Work for elements that are consistent with the 1996 Camino Del Mar Streetscape Plan and its draft addendum. 

To watch a video on the Council discussion on the status of the Downtown Streetscape project and the addendum to the 1996 Camino Del Mar Streetscape Plan, click the link below. 

Downtown Streetscape Discussion City Council Meeting September 18

July 2017 Updates

In July, the City hosted a series of community workshops to go over preliminary design concepts prepared by the project consultant. The workshops were intended to gain feedback on potential design interventions and broad concept plans. 

To watch a video of the project consultant's design concepts presentation from the July 27 Downtown Streetscape Community Workshop, click the link below.

Downtown Streetscape Community Workshop July 27 Presentation

Thank you to everyone who gave your feedback on the Downtown Streetscape project using our feedback questionaire! A feedback questionaire was shared on the Downtown Streetscape webpage in late July to be filled out as a supplement to the project consultant's design concepts presentation from the July 27 Community Workshop. Responses were collected and used to identify citizen concerns and recommendations for the project.

June 2017 Updates

In June, the City hosted a series of meetings to gather feedback regarding the project. City staff along with the project consultant met with business and property owners, as well as the general public to hear comments.

To watch a video of the project consultant's preliminary concept plans webinar presentation hosted on June 26, please click the link below.

Downtown Streetscape Webinar Presentation June 26



For more information about the meetings or the Downtown Streetscape Project, contact Rachel Beld at or (858) 704-3646. If you would like to subscribe to updates about this project, please visit the project notification subscription page.

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